Queen of Phantoms,
Blood soaked earth
and rushing river ford
are your domain
Your gifts are madness,
death, and battle-frenzy
You appear, dancing
from sword point
to shield rim,
I sing to you with
a crow’s voice, shrieking
I sing to you with
strength and anger

Queen of Nightmares
The joining of rivers
and deep delving caves
are your domain
Your gifts are prophecy,
destruction, or victory
You appear, washing
the clothes of the doomed,
red with gore,
I sing to you with
a voice of blood, crimson
I sing to you with
pain and sorrow

Great Queen
The boiling whirlpool
and fertile field
are your domain
Your gifts are sovereignty,
success, and victory
You appear, offering
your blessing to those
willing to pay the price
I sing to you with
a wolf’s voice, howling
I sing to you with
passion and purpose

~ Morgan Daimler

Mighty Morrigan, I call to thee.

We are facing the unknown, and your children need the Sisters Three.

Open your wings-fierce, shining, and black.

Shield us from this threat, so we can join our energies together and as one, fight back.

Send strength, send resolve,

We shall send out our powers, so this problem will be solved.

You have faced war, you have faced blood ,

nothing we face is unknown to you-what is a stream to you, to us is a flood.

You who are the Great Queen, the goddess of land,

Who wields the sword, dons the torc, guards the cauldron:

Show us the way!

point the direction with your powerful hand.

I am (your name),

And I can be confident,

For I am a Daughter (son) of the Morrigu, and I will fulfill my soul purpose.

I am facing the unknown, but for my brothers and sisters, I will bravely proceed whichever way is shown.

Mighty Morrigan,

Beloved Sisters Three,

I know no fear, for you are standing with Me.

Hail Morrigan!

~Amanda Wilson

Morrigan, battle Queen,
Give me the gift of relentlessness
That I might turn and turn and return
Let my will be like
An eel, a wolf, a hornless heifer,
An old woman seeking blessing
To turn my enemies’ blows to healing
May I be strong in serving my purpose
Sharp as a blade’s edge
Wise as the crow who sees
The entire battlefield from above
Bless me, Queen of Phantoms,
With all these qualities
In your name and in your service

~ Morgan Daimler

Goddess Morrigan, I ask that you make your presence known and bestow upon me your blessings.

May I feel your powerful embrace, the raven’s wing, when my strength wanes.

May I feel your presence in me to choose my battles wisely.

May I feel you with me in times of needed decisiveness.

May you always be my guide in the dark and help me to identify obstacles that can be moved with swift justice.

May you come to me and lead me to through according to the veil of righteousness.

May you grant me the insight to know that truth is nothing to ever toy with.

May you gift me the sight of honesty, the purity of heart to succeed, the thought to withhold my tongue, the courage to face my enemies and the wisdom to know when to seek out the sword.

This I request of you, Goddess Morrigan, and I thank you. So be it.