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This is a collection of free spells taken from My Book of Shadows.

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Hello, my name is Brittany Nightshade and I’ve traveled near and far on my search for spiritual enlightenment, while on my journey I’ve did my best to keep a record of the rituals and anything Magickal I’ve learned along the way.

I’ve used these notes to make my own Book of Shadows, my own Grimoire.


   This Grimoire has a wide assortment of Black, Red and White Magick for beginners and advanced spell-casters. Whether you use these spells to craft your own or use them as they are remember the power is inside of you, only through meditation and practice will your powers grow. I wish you the best of luck in your magickal endeavors. –Brittany Nightshade


The Shadow Circle is something you should cast before attempting any spell, your skill in black magick will increase the more familiar you become with your Shadow Circle.

Imagine the energies of Shadows flowing around you, and visualize the Shadowy entities clawing, scratching and biting at you. If you are using an Athame, direct the circle with the Blade in your off hand.

As the Shadows circle around you feel the pressure build, and the shadow energy compressing together. Feel the cold of the Abyss all around you, feel it’s chill but don’t let it affect your concentration.

As the shadows close in, push them back into a 6 foot circle around you, blocking out all light. As you do this you should switch your athame to your dominate hand.

This is your Shadow Circle.

You may then cast whatever spells you would like or close the circle by cutting it with your athame in the dominate hand. For more experienced users, you may draw the energies into yourself or you can direct them back to the depths. The Shadow circle can also be used as a form of protection.


Pact with Lyssa

Rage and anger is a key element in a lot of black magick spells, the Goddess of Rage is known to us as Lyssa. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with her and ask for her help when conducting these types of spells. The following is a pact ritual to ask her to aid you in the building of rage.

To call upon Lyssa go outside and make 3 pentagrams on the ground, make them as if they were forming the points of a triangle and make sure it’s big enough you can stand in the center,  you may construct your pentagrams in any way. Concentrate on all the things you have hate for, when you have built up a rage call out to the goddess Lyssa with the following prayer.


“Oh Great Goddess Lyssa,

Daughter of the Nobel Nyx,

I ask for your assistance and guidance,

I, like you, am a child of the darkness,

I foster rage in my heart,

I beg of you,

Aid me in releasing it upon my enemies,

I wish to be your disciple,

teach me the art of hate,

guide me in my endeavors,

together we can do great things,

grant me the power to destroy.”


If you feel her presence you have succeeded in making a pact with her, if you do not then you need to meditate on your inner rage and try again.  A pact with Lyssa is a great boon to practitioners of the dark arts and is definitely worth attempting as there aren’t any potential negative effects for beginning practitioners in my experiences.


Blessing of Nyx


You will need:


Blessing oil


Full moon drawn on an altar cover


Sweet Grass

Red rose petals

Black rose petals

1 red candle

1 blue candle

1 purple candle

1 black candle

1 white candle


Smudge the altar, the candles, and yourself with the Sage.

Place the Sage on the altar and let it burn out.

If you have the flats of your altar facing the four directions then put the four candles on the altar with blue in the North, red in the South, black just behind the blue, and white in front of the red.

Purple should be placed in the middle.

If you have the corners of the altar facing the four directions then place black blue in the North, black in the East, red in the South, and white in the West.

Still, purple should be placed in the middle. Light them in this order regardless of arrangement; Black, Blue, Red, White, Purple.


Chant the following;

”Nyx, great Goddess of the Night, husband and lover to and of Erebus, mother of Moros, Thanatos, Hypnos, Charon, Nemesis, and the Fates, I ask you to accept my loyalty and my love as your follower and servant. I ask for your protection and guidance, bringer of the night, I ask for your wisdom and blessings.”

Re-light the Sage if it burnt out and light up the Sweet Grass.

Use the Sweet Grass to smudge the altar, the candles, the rose petals, and yourself.

Place the Sweet Grass next to the Sage and let it burn out as you visualize Nyx sending you her protection, wisdom, guidance, and blessing. Once the Sweet Grass and the Sage burn out again let the petals drop from your hands to the gaps between the candles and the herbs as you chant:

”I am [your name]. I am a Priest/Priestess for my Goddess, you, Nyx, if you will have me. This is my request and these are my words. May this spell not reverse, my faith never waver, my love never weaken. Please have me and bless me as your servant.”


Carman’s Curse

I met an old Irish woman once who told me of this casual curse she knew that I quickly scrawled down into my Book of Shadows, it’s beautiful in its simplicity.

“Chairs, tables, knives, forks,

Tankards, bottles, cups and corks,

Dishes, beds, boots and keg,

Bacon, pudding, milk and egg,

Every pillow, sheet and bed

The dough in the trough, and the baked bread,

Every bit of provender on the shelf,

And all you will have left is the house itself!”


“Carman, the Celtic Witch of Destruction”



This curse will bring extreme Chaos into the life of someone who has wronged you.
You’ll need a piece of yarn (any thick string) about 10 inches long. Tie 3 knots as you recite the following before you tie each not.
“With this knot I seal this hex
you shall not sleep, you shall not rest
Knot of strife, knot of hate
Discord brings you this dark fate “

“This knot I tie, now makes two
Bringing anguish over you
Sadness, loss and evil too
Bringing darkness straight to you “

“With the third, I do bind
breeding chaos in your mind
Hex of anger, hex of hate
Crashing down, I cannot wait”

As you are doing this spell make sure you work yourself into a hateful concentrated rage. If you decide to break this hex burn the string in the fire of a white candle.



To Protect Children


To protect children while they are away throw a handful of earth or sand after them as they leave, without their knowledge. This will help ensure their safety.



Pepper Pentacle

This is a bad luck spell in which you will need a piece of paper, a pen, crushed black pepper and a black candle.

Draw a pentacle on the paper and write the victims name in the middle. Sprinkle pepper around the outside of the pentacle.

Light your candle and hold it over the pentacle, let the wax drip down until the persons entire name is covered. If you wish to undo this curse you may burn the paper in the flames of a white candle.



Binding to Hecate


Hecate is the goddess of witchcraft and shadows. She is believed to be the mother of all witches and the source of their powers, be it dark or light. She’s also associated with the number 3 and is the reason we use this number in so many spells. I could write an entire book on her and I suggest learning as much as you can about her as it will greatly aid you on your path.

Hecate is the ruler of darkness and her help and the power she grants can make the difference between success and violent failure in spellcasting.

To bind you to her service and gain access to the powers she possesses all one need to do is ask as she is more than willing to help us in our endeavors.


On a new moon chant the following outside, the darker the better.


“Great Hecate! Mother of all Witches! Serpent Goddess! Torch bearer! Key holder! Keeper of Shadows and Taker of Breath! I give myself over to you, you told us to call upon you and now I beg, take me unto you and you unto me and grant unto me your Power of Three!”


Make sure to thank Hecate for her gifts, it’d also be wise to make it part of your daily routine to praise and place offerings on your altar for Hecate. Speak with her, she’s a great listener and when your bond is strong enough…she might speak back.



 Protection Potion

You will need:

Pine needles 

Oak branches 

Oak leaves 

Peppermint candy 

Hot water 

A packet of sugar 

Sharp rock 


Put the hot water in a bucket. Use the rock to make the ingredients chopped up. Now, put in all the ingredients. Sprinkled in the sugar. Say this:

This liquid will protect (name) 

And keep them from death

Who it is 

is who is left.

Stir the mixture and pour it in to the jar. Keep the jar in the persons vicinity or give it to them for safe keeping.


Forbidden Death Curse

Most curses are worked to teach someone a lesson or to force your will upon them. In some extreme cases the persons flame might need to be permanently extinguished and I ask you seek guidance from Hecate before making that decision. Be aware that this ritual is frowned upon by most Black Magick users as most wish to change their targets ways and not end them as it can have severe ripple effects and have unintended consequences. That being said, it’s a simple spell and Hecate will be the one sending your victim down a path they can’t return from. A true bond will be needed with her for this to work which of course entails a high level of magick skill.


You will need two black candles and two candles of the victim’s favorite color.

While sitting down, place the two black candles in front of you.

Place the other candles on the outside of the black ones. Meditate and work yourself up into a concentrated rage.


Recite the following;

“This man/woman/person needs to be put to rest.”

Light the black candles.

“I call upon the Spirits of Death to fulfill this command”

Light the remaining candles.

“This is the final chapter of (person’s name) life, his story has come to an end!

Hecate! Send your Hounds!”


Elder Gods Darkness Ritual

The following spell is for Advanced Dark Magic users only, please, I repeat, please do not try this spell if you are not extremely versed in black magic. If the elder gods feel disrespected in any way during the ritual it could have very negative consequences.

On a night of pure darkness, meaning no light from the moon or the stars can be seen, make a star out of bones (any kind will do) on the ground big enough to stand in. Take a chalice of blood (once again, any kind will do) and pour it in a circle around the star making a pentagram. Unlike the other spells in this book you should not have any anger built up, you need to be as calm as possible while conducting this ritual.

With a tone of utmost respect in your voice, say the following.


Puri nocte tenebrae,

audierit vocem meam,

Et invocate deos prius,

da operam,

O ego opera tua et fortes,

Da mortem, ad unum odio,

da mihi taedio mortem ad unum,

Tua sint tibi debitum,

Ego in sempiternum erit gratus.”


Night of pure darkness,

hear my call,

I call upon the gods of old,

grant me your attention,

I need your help oh powerful ones,

Grant death to the one I hate,

grant death to the one i loathe,

I will be forever in your debt,

I will be forever grateful.”

To Reverse Any Love Spell


On a night when the moon is in a waning phase, write your name and the name of your bewitched lover on the side of a white votive candle. Anoint the candle with myrrh oil, light it, and say:


“I burn this candle as a token of the spell that binds our love. Let this magick now be broken by the powers of the Gods above.”


Allow the candle to burn itself out.

Contacting the Dead


Light a white candle and sit in a comfortable position.

For as long as you see fit, meditate on the person you are trying to contact.

Pay homage to this persons life and reminisce on any memories you have of them.

Say the following incantation.

I feel the warmth of your body and soul . I hold you in my arms, my heart is whole. Please come to me, (insert name).

If the person has answered your call you will feel their presence,

you may get a chill or even feel warmed.

You will likely just feel their energy but if you are well versed in black magic it is possible to hear or even see them.

It’s also very common after an invitation is made for them to visit you in your dreams where communication is easier.


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