THE BOOK OF SHADOWS is a new theatre project utilising contemporary shadow puppetry, live actors and video projection created by the Cicada Collective, a Darwin based company of artists, writers and filmmakers.

In a series of chapters interpreting mythology, legend, fable and fairy tales throughout the world, the work explores themes of magic, illusion, mysticism and dogma and how we create realities through the art of storytelling.

Conceived by Director Timothy Parish, written by Levin Diatschenko and Timothy Parish and featuring the puppetry of Conor Fox and Stephen Mushin.

The project is currently in development, and will include a cross cultural collaboration with Balinese performing artists from the Sanggar Paripurna with Director and Master Dalang Made Sidia.

Its premiere production is scheduled for late 2014 as part of the Darwin Festival and Browns Mart Theatre’s  SHIMMER season.

For more information contact: art@undergrowth.org

THE BOOK OF SHADOWS project overview sm

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